I help Single, Successful Professional Women Find Love After 40

Women who are Sick and Tired of All the Games

Women who want to Manifest a Lasting, Fulfilling and Loving Relationship with the Love of their Life

Without Attracting the Wrong Partner Over and Over Again

7 Years Ago, at the age of 50, I found myself at the unhappiest point in my life.

By the looks of things, people could say that I had everything. A successful business, 2 beautiful children, lived in a beautiful home in the suburbs, etc. But something was missing.

I had been in an unhappy marriage for years, but wanted to try and make it work for the kids' sake.

Until I reached a point of emptiness and loneliness.

So often, as women, we are here to support everyone else's needs to the detriment of our own.

We focus on work, we focus on the kids, we focus on our households.

But what happens to us?

We lose who we are.

We can't remember who we are anymore, or what makes us tick or what makes us happy.

If you're like me, I was just getting things done everyday in robot mode.

But every so often, when I came up from my workaholic tendencies, I realized I did not know who I was anymore and that I was living life for everyone else but myself.

In September of 2016, after I turned 50, I went on a business trip to Dubai and the convention center wasn't ready for me to set up. It was an unusual feeling not having anything to do, as my whole life focused on work.

I sat in my hotel room and couldn't remember what I liked to do.

So I decided to close my eyes and try to remember what brought me joy.

In my mind, I remembered always loving to go horseback riding. No matter where I was in the World, what brought me joy was finding a riding stable and going riding. This was not a hobby I shared with my ex-husband or my family, but something I liked to do since I was a little girl.

So I said, you know what, I'm going out to the Arabian Desert and going riding on an Arabian Horse.

It was on the Arabian Horse in the Arabian Desert that I found myself again.

I remembered who I was.

I said Enough is Enough with my failing marriage.

I'm going to become a race car driver.

And I named my Porsche 911 "Firehorse" after the year I was born, 1966.

This was the most freeing feeling in my life.

What felt so good, is that I knew I was going to change, period, and I no longer needed anyone else's permission to do so.

I had empowered myself to change my life.

I divorced my ex-husband and moved forward with force and determination.

What happened in the next 6 years is pretty miraculous.

I became a 3x Champion Race Car Driver in the male dominated field of race car driving and drove professionally with the big boys. I now own the World's only racing school owned by a Woman,

DK Racing School.

I became a 2x International Best Selling Author.

I speak on International Stages.

And, I empower Women Globally with my Daring to be Different Coaching.

I attracted the love of my life and soulmate and we are going on 6 solid years.

I've become known as the Master of Reinventing Midlife. I developed a Method called my Y.E.S. To True Love Method® to

I've never been happier. And now, I want to share my secrets with you.

The secrets to leading a fulfilling life in Midlife.

Before I made my changes 7 years ago, I wished there was someone I could lean on. I was tired of being a tree trunk for eveyone else. Everyone needs a tree trunk they can lean on and rely on.