Unlike what other people are telling you:

• You do not need to do Facebook Lives or Challenges daily

• You do not need to create and post content daily on all of your social media

• And you do not need to be Insta” or Facebook “famous”

These are the things that will mean the demise of your coaching or consulting business.

Why? BECAUSE they suck so much of your time and energy, right?

If you want to attract high-paying coaching clients, I’ve discovered a strategy that means you can:

• STOP giving away your best stuff for free

• STOP posting on all your social media hoping something will stick

• STOP doing Facebook Lives and Challenges that have hardly any viewers

• STOP using tactics that make you seem salesy or pushy

Instead, you can do one simple thing: FIX THE PROBLEM

I call this strategy the Fast + Fearless Formula.

And what it does is generate clients on demand without launches, blogging, wasting hours at networking events or any of the traditional ways.

Even better, it doesn’t require lots of time…lots of complicated learning... or lots of money.


For instance, if you were using this system right now you’d be able to convert about 1 in 4 clients.

Can you imagine that?


You’d have a number of real prospects each week.

And you’d be able to serve them in a group coaching setting, that would free up your time for your family and the things that really matter to you.

That’s a big shift in results, right?

And in fact, the Fast + Fearless Formula is almost the opposite of what you’ve been taught to do by nearly everyone else.

It’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen or used before.

Best part is, it works fast.

BUT IF YOU WANT IT TO WORK FOR YOU... I do need to teach it to you.

If I just tell you the 3 simple steps, then you’ll miss the critical psychology behind it that makes it work better than any other method you’ve tried up till this point.

Which means you’ll be stuck doing all the hard work that you’re doing right now with little return.

And if you’re sick of struggling to get a steady flow of high paying clients…

Tired of giving all your valuable information for free...

And if you’re “over” being invisible to your potential clients that you know you can help,

… then give me just 45-minutes and I’ll promise to teach you how to change your results almost instantly.

And the best news is, for a limited time it’s FREE to attend this online class.

Click this link BELOW to find out if I have any seats left for you.


I look forward to helping you in person and answering any questions you have.

Regards, Martina Kwan

CEO Daring to be Different Coaching

Champion Mindset Coach | 3x Champion Race Car Driver |

Award Winning Business Founder